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Medical Qigong Practitioner & Teacher

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"Qi" (also spelled "Chi") is the general Chinese term for our life energy. It is the blueprint for everything that occurs within our lives, within our body’s, and life as a whole. This life energy can be broken down into three frequencies known as Jing, Qi, and Shen. These 3 frequencies of energy can be compared metaphorically to a candle. The candle itself would represent jing, the flame representing qi, and the light radiating from the flame represents shen.

  • Jing energy holds the blueprint of our spiritual essence within the physical form and resides in the lower tan tien of the abdomen. Jing is the densest of these 3 frequencies holding the potential for immense physical power and healing capacity. It is the energy which supports, heals, and sustains the physical body.

  • Qi, is the union of jing and shen energy focused in the middle tan tien. This energy composes our etheric body and our meridian system. Qi translates to mean air, as this frequency is directly tied into our breath and can be felt as very fluid.

  • Shen, located in the upper tan tien of the head, is the frequency of pure light. It composes our chakras and spiritual channels. It includes our mind, our clairvoyant capacities, our karmic fields and extends deep into the quantum universe of our spirit.

These three frequencies of qi function as one operating much like a hologram. Approaching your healing in a holistic way provides you the greatest results.


Qigong (also spelled Chi Kung/Chi Gong) translates to mean the practiced study and skill of balancing, harmonizing, and deepening our connection with the essence of life. Qigong is a system that encompasses Taoist neigong, inner alchemy practices, and moving forms alongside clinical treatment. It's a system that is incredibly full and rich in its depth, its power, its spiritually transformative, and healing capacities.


Classical qigong has a very esoteric, shamanistic quality to it and is based on the classics of Taoist philosophy. Qigong practice at its core is learning to integrate and live in harmony within 2 worlds; being the bridge between spirit and matter. It’s a practice of living a life that can express the most authentic and virtuous qualities of the soul. Qigong is a practice that transforms your physical health and vitality, your consciousness and emotional intelligence, and your spiritual clarity and potency; grounding it all down into your body and into your human experience.

Both aspects of medical and meditative qigong work together to clear the net that has been laid over us through our life experiences that keep our soul trapped and hard. When these two sides of clinical treatment and self practice come together addressing the entire qi system, healing and growth can happen very quickly.​

Heart Center

The crown jewel of qigong is learning to work with the energy of the One in center. Heart-center in the middle tan tien is a 4th dimensional state. It is a state of consciousness where the joining in relationship between soul and spirit develops and deepens refining consciousness.


This space is not located in the physical heart, or the heart chakra, it goes much deeper than this. As a result of touching into this vast sacredness, arises qualities of deep humility, authenticity, vulnerability, trust, and acceptance to what is in every moment.  


Living from your center always requires a level of courage and surrender. From this place of surrender, you naturally flow and engage with life in a more warm and balanced way. This can show up as a playful curiosity expressed toward life.

"Your Task is not to seek for love, but merely to see and find all the barriers in yourself that you have built against it"