Jeff Smith
Medical Qigong Practitioner & Teacher

2790 29th St.

Boulder, CO 80301


Tel: 303.564.5764​

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Centered Living will be moving to Seattle Washington 5/1/2020

Shengong: Clairvoyant Intuitive Healing

Clairvoyant intuitive readings and healings focus in on you as a spirit (shen), and the quality in relationship and communication flowing between the big you and little you, “As above, so below”. 


The readings and healings offered can literally be on any topic where you feel stuck or desire more clarity with a very open format. This could be anything from life issues, physical issues, spiritual concerns, relationships, career, clarity around upcoming decisions, anywhere you want to take it.


For the best results, come with a clear intention for what you wish to get out of your session with questions or areas you would like a healing on. These sessions can be done remotely over the phone or in person.

Appointments Available in March 2020