Jeff Smith
Medical Qigong Practitioner & Teacher

2790 29th St.

Boulder, CO 80301


Tel: 303.564.5764​

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My Story

I began my healing journey the moment I was born. However, the first 27 years of that journey were spent exploring deep into some of the darkest parts of the human experience. I first found qigong in 2007. At which time, I was suffering from several major and life threatening health issues that left me almost completely immobilized in both body and mind. I had been on prescription medication ever since my late teens which over the years had nearly destroyed my nervous system with no hope from the medical community that I could ever fully recover.

In the fall of 2008, I began working remotely with a medical qigong practitioner from Colorado, learning Taoist neigong and inner alchemy practices. I remember my first healing intention for treatment was that I wanted to have an open heart, to be able to feel, and experience the divine love that I knew existed. After the first 6 months of my practice I had experienced more authentic joy than I knew was even possible at that time. After the first 1.5 years of my practice, I had completely come off of all prescription medications and felt more alive and full of vitality than I had ever experienced up to that point. 

After 9 years of making my qigong practice my own, I began having the desire and curiosity to go deeper into the world of spirit. To find the root to so many of life’s karmic patterns and recurring themes that keep us stuck, small, and in a state of struggle.

The most magical shift occurred for me in answer to this question when I met my wife in the summer 2017. She introduced me to an entirely forgotten language. She had been practicing psychic healing and trance medium work as long as I had been practicing qigong healing. Her presence exudes such a level of joy, ease, and enthusiasm for life for which I had never seen in that way before. I knew without a doubt this was the next step I was looking for in my own growth. After my first 1.5 years of training, my entire life had completely transformed yet again. My relationships dramatically improved, my yearly income tripled, and my cyclic patterns of misfortune had come to an end; with these things being only the tip of the iceberg. What occurred spiritually for me is truly beyond words.

What I Offer Professionally:

I am an energy body practitioner in both the realms of clinical qigong healing and psychic healing. I typically do a clairvoyant reading and spiritual healing along with your qigong session to provide a big picture view of what you’re working with spiritually so I can offer you the deepest healing possible. I don’t work to diagnose or treat physical or mental illness in any way. However I do work with the energetic and spiritual aspects of those physical and mental conditions along with the karmic patterns of life that can hold you back. My focus is on activating, clearing, and restoring the balance and flow of information from your spirit, through the qi, and its relationship with the body and your physical life. 


An important aspect of my practice is teaching my clients centering and simple to advanced qigong or psychic tools so they can learn to cultivate, move, and regulate their own energy; gaining more freedom and permission to own their own space. I teach and practice in a way that brings in the greatest sense of freedom, permission, validation, and choice in being as deeply human as possible. 

Education and Certification:

  • I have completed a 4.5 year certified training program developed by Damaris Jarboux, (Founder of the National Qigong Association) at the Center Place in Boulder Colorado. Each year since my graduation in 2014 I have continued my training by attending workshops, classes, and post graduate classes on Qigong and related studies.

  • I have been a Professional member of the National Qigong Association since 2014. 

  • I am a Certified Clinical Qigong Practitioner and Level 2 Qigong Instructor through the National Qigong Association since 2017.

  • I have over 11 years of personal Qigong practice.

  • I have completed an intensive 2 year clairvoyant training program at Boulder Psychic Institute (BPI) founded by Miwa Mack in 2019.

  • I am currently continuing my training at BPI through a 5 year trance medium program beginning in 2019.

  • I am an ordained minister able to conduct spiritual healing and counseling since 2019.