Jeff Smith
Medical Qigong Practitioner & Teacher

2790 29th St.

Boulder, CO 80301


Tel: 303.564.5764​

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Centered Living will be moving to Seattle Washington 5/1/2020

Medical Qigong Treatment for Pets:

A medical qigong healing treatment for pets involves all the aspects for treatment as it would for a human being. Although much of the guidance happens with the families of the pet being treated. Our animal companions have taken on the qualities as well as the imbalances of their special person in the family as well as the family as a unit. Their spirit and soul has taken on this beautiful and selfless role to help reflect back to us the areas of our own life that needs further refinement. So when addressing and healing the core issues of the pet, it is best to work in correlation with the family or family member with whom they share the closest relationship.