Jeff Smith
Medical Qigong Practitioner & Teacher

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Medical Qigong

Classical Chinese Medicine and qigong healing are based in an ancient system of healing that has been used for thousands of years. Medical qigong healing involves emitting energy through the hands at a distance of several inches away from the body or through touch. These sessions can be done remotely when necessary from any distance. 


During our session, I treat and work directly with the meridian channels, organs, endocrine system, nervous system, the spiritual body's anatomy and many of the energetic fields that penetrate and extend outward from the body through the physical (jing), vital (qi), and spiritual (shen) levels of the energetic system.


Medical qigong treatment can bring into alignment and restore the health and communication between the physical and energetic bodies to a more clear and balanced state of health so that self-practice, healing, and spiritual growth can occur with more clarity and ease.

Post Treatment

Many clients after a qigong treatment session will report feeling deeply rejuvenated, relaxed and their heart open. A sense that they feel much more of themselves and can fully fill up their space. During the treatment session a client may feel various sensations as energy moves through the channels, such as cool, warm, tingling, or vibration. The effects of a medical qigong treatment will typically take about 72 hours to fully move through your system. Many clients will also report after receiving a qigong treatment that a lot of old, or unprocessed emotional wounds and patterns will resurface as it moves through and out of the energetic system.

After the qigong assessment and treatment, you and I work together to address your unique needs around what came up in present time around your session. You may choose to only work with me through our treatment sessions. Or, you may wish to add to your toolbox through learning qigong meditation or psychic tools to better help you manage your energy system between our sessions. Growth will occur either way. However, I leave it to you to set the pace and direction for how you grow.


When we maintain an unhealthy and complex diet of refined and processed foods the body easily becomes overwhelmed and over worked and steals massive amounts of energy away from other important functions within the body. When these dietary imbalances are sustained it will significantly contribute to physical illness, disease and a weakened immune system compounding physical and emotional stress.


When utilizing the energetic properties within food for healing it is important to be able to listen to your bodies unique needs in knowing what to eat, as well as when and how to eat them.


The nutritional suggestions that may be given are based in the 5 flavors and basic food combining which assist the body in assimilating the nutritional properties within food with much less effort. When eating in this way it promotes a deeper state of relaxation within the body which is a crucial component within the healing process. It also brings the body back to a more balanced alkaline state and significantly contributes to keeping the mind and emotions clear and quiet. 

Self Practice

Qigong self-practice at its foundation is learning to live from your most authentic self. Many of the self-practices taught include contemplative, still, and gentle moving meditation which strengthen and refine the functions within the physical anatomy, the qi system, the spiritual body, and one's conscious awareness.


However, the homework I suggest may not always involve meditation. Depending on your goals, simple practices that you can easily incorporate into your daily life can have enormous effects on your energy system when they touch on the parts of yourself that haven’t been given permission to be. These practices act like a treatment that you can give yourself which greatly helps in strengthening the weaker areas in your energetic system between our treatment sessions.


True, lasting healing will always come from within yourself. I offer you a giant tool box, instruction on how to use those tools, and devoted, compassionate support as you navigate your journey of self discovery. 

A medical qigong healing treatment involves emitting energy through the hands at a distance of several inches away from the body or through touch. During the treatment se...
Medical Qigong Healing
1 hr 30 min
A medical qigong healing treatment involves emitting energy through the hands at a distance of several inches away from the body or through touch. During the treatment se...
Remote Medical Qigong Healing
1 hr 30 min