Jeff Smith
Medical Qigong Practitioner & Teacher

2790 29th St.

Boulder, CO 80301


Tel: 303.564.5764​

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Course 101: Qigong Foundations

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Qigong foundations is designed to teach you the basics of self healing, providing you with an amazing tool kit to begin your practice. The tools presented in these meditations come from my background in classical medical qigong, Taoist philosophy, and psychic development. Working to heal from the top down and the bottom up at the same time.


  • You will learn:

  • The breath in qigong and its importance in healing the physical body and calming the mind

  • Creating your grounding cord & releasing foreign energy from your space Opening the 3rd eye and really being senior in your space

  • Opening the heart / Centering, and finding your answers within

  • Experiencing what it means to be open / working with the personal & impersonal mind, building your field, releasing trauma

  • Coming into your body and replenishing yourself, your cells and your DNA

  • Your protection rose and clearing the pictures, sub-conscious beliefs, and old habits that hold you back.

Included Guided Meditations & E-Book:

  1. The Breath & Healing the Body

  2. Grounding Cord, & Foreign Energy 

  3. Golden Sun & Coming into your body

  4. Opening the 3rd Eye: Being senior in your space

  5. Opening the Heart: Centering

  6. Solar Plexus Bowl: Opening the eye of your Soul

  7. The Inner Smile

  8. 2 Pole

  9. Your Rose: Blowing Pictures

Coming Soon!

Course 102: Healing Through the 8 Extraordinary Meridians 

Healing Through the 8 Extraordinary Meridians is designed to continue on from "Qigong Foundations" teaching you the beginning of inner alchemy through the 8 Extraordinary meridians. Helping you grow your skills, build your energy, transform your emotions, deepen your awareness, and make peace with your life.


You will learn:

  • How to ground through your Qi

  • Opening your Chong mo (Central Channel), developing your "pole" your connection to Spirit, and healing the energy in your chakras

  • Opening the Belt channel and taking your space

  • Opening the Microcosmic Orbit, building energy, and transforming your emotions

  • Opening the Macrocosmic, nourishing your organs, transforming consciousness

  • Connecting the Master & Couple points through the heart

  • Opening the 12 gates of energy in your body

Included Guided Meditations & E-Book:

  1. Let Go Down
  2. Chong Mo

  3. Rainbow Meditation

  4. Belt

  5. Microcosmic

  6. Macrocosmic

  7. Master/Couple

  8. Star Spiral: Opening the 12 Gates

Coming Soon!

Course 103: The Alchemy of The 5 Elements

The Alchemy of The 5 Elements continues on from "Healing Through the 8 Extraordinary Meridians" taking you deeper into your inner world for developing powerful tools for transforming your energy and your life.


You will learn:

  • Clearing out the subconscious programming in your body and building your relationship with your organs and your physical body

  • Fusion of 5 Elements, transforming your emotions, purifying your consciousness, and growing your soul body .

Included Guided Meditations & E-Book:

  1. Inner Smile

  2. Opening the Pakua

  3. Fusion of 5 Elements: Creating the Pearl

  4. Mother & Father Cycle

  5. Microcosmic Orbit

Coming Soon!